Learn Machine learning and Data science for FREE in 2022 :

You don’t even need a degree.

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Data science and Machine learning skills are expected to be on demand in 2022 and beyond. The good news is you don’t need money to learn them, if you want to take part in this huge trend. You just need a computer, an internet connection. If you have money, that’s also good, you will get some amazing curriculums available on the internet to learn those skills. However, this is not required.

Here, I will outline completely FREE resources and tools, that are just as amazing as paid ones.

1. Freecodecamp :

Freecodecamp is on the path to provide free resources to learn Computer science, programming, machine learning and so many technical stuff.

With its Youtube channel of more than 4 million subscribers, and its website with millions of users, I am sure you will find any thing that you want for enhancing your technical skills.

The website contains full track on Machine learning with minimal to no knowledge required. And It’s FREE. You just need to have passion and willingness to learn and you will be good.

And if you search in their Youtube channel, you will find Data science courses using Python, as well as Statistics university based course that is also important to know about in your journey.

2. Tech with Tim :

Tech with Tim is a Youtube channel created and owned by Tim Ruscica, one of the passionate computer scientists on the internet. He has a full Mega course on Machine learning and Artificial intelligence using Python. You will build along side him multiple projects that you can showcase in your portfolio. They are a good starting point for developing your own.

He also has multiple useful content in you are a complete beginner, that can benefit you in other fields: like Networking, Game development, Mobile development.

3. Murtaza’s Workshop — Robotics and AI :

With 100,000+ users, 90% free content, and 98.9% positive feedback, this is the go-to platform for Computer vision and Robotics. Computer vision is also a popular subfield in Machine learning with lots of amazing applications in the real world. If you are a complete beginner, I suggest you see it.

Murtaza has also some paid courses, but they are not necessary to start your journey. Using his free content, you will build amazing projects, you will accumulate knowledge that is necessary to tackle your own ideas.

His Youtube channel : LINK

His website : LINK

Conclusion :

Provided you have an internet connection and a computer, a little bit of discipline, focus, you will learn amazing on-demand skills for the next decade. Without going to college, a coding bootcamp, with huge prices.



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